Collarev is an Indian Electric 2-Wheelers Brand which has strategic tie up with a swedish ridecake to produce and distribute the existing e-bikes and new models for the Indian market. we have a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility in its development of light, quiet, and clean high performance electric off-road motorcycles.

Home test rides for the Makka Flex are live in New Delhi. we will soon be scaling up test rides all across India.

Through online and offline stores.


The bike is delivered using a custom built pallet, with the bike itself secured using a frame and lid made out of corrugated cardboard. The tools you need to set your bike up are included in the box. To see what this box looks like and how to properly unbox your electric motorbike watch our instruction videos. using our standard delivery option, the bike will be delivered to your door between 08:00 and 17:00, local time, monday through friday (excluding holidays). our delivery partner will reach out to you to confirm the actual day of the delivery.

Of course! the charger and the tools you need to set your bike up are included in the price and come with your bike!

The bikes are launching in India by July. on prebooking , the delivery will take 7-10 working days after launch.