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Delivery starts in August 2023, First come, first served.

Peak power


Street legal




0-45 km/h




Power to weight ratio

The Bukk is built to maximize and optimize the characteristics around the electric drivetrain. The robust build, at only 89kg provides 456 Nm of instant torque. The unique power-to-weight formula is described by Remi Bizouard, 3x World FMX champion as: "It's extremely powerful, lightweight, and nimble. The bike geometry is robust and well balanced on trails and in the air. This creates new riding possibilities you couldn't do with a full-size bike."

Technology innovations

Built lighter and tougher for a new riding experience. The highly connected software features are combined with the finest aircraft alloy components, state of the art drivetrain and the most precision tuned premium suspension. Everything to extend product lifetime, minimizing maintenance and to make the lightest competitive enduro bike on the market.

Configured by you!

Do you want your Bukk to be street legal for on-road use, off-road only, or both? The Bukk offers multiple configurations within a single frame, allowing you to create your perfect bike. With the advanced bike settings, you create your own riding modes. Customize your suspension, lamps, and blinkers to match your individual needs. The Bukk serves as a convenient weekday commuter and foremost an off-road beast. Build your dream bike in the configurator!


The 2.9 kWh battery charges swiftly in 110V/220V outlets, reaching 80% in just over 1.5 hours. Its lightweight, heavy-duty construction provides best-in-class energy density. Innovative racing opportunities arise with its rapid locking mechanism, enabling tool-free battery swaps in under 30 seconds.


  • Bukk Super Light

  • Torque (wheel): 366 Nm*

  • Torque (motor axle): 61 Nm*

  • Peak power: 13 kW*

  • Nominal power: 8.5 kW

  • 0-45 km/h: 2,57 seconds*

  • Top Speed: 80 km/h*

  • Bukk Power Light

  • Torque (wheel): 456 Nm*

  • Torque (motor axle): 71 Nm*

  • Peak power: 16 kW*

  • Nominal power: 11.01 kW

  • 0-45 km/h: 2.15 seconds*

  • Top speed: 90 km/h*


  • Bukk Super Light

  • Off-road: Not required*

  • Street legal: A1*

  • Bukk Power Light

  • Off-road: Not required*

  • Street legal: A2*


  • RB / Formula kit

  • Rear: RacingBros Shicane HLR Shock, featuring JIS G3560 Cr-Si steel spring, 6061-T6 cold forged damper body, 36mm 7075-T6 CNC piston, 14mm super-chrome shaft, rod end & spherical bearings. With spring preload, 24-click low-speed rebound adjustment & ride height adjustability. Travel: 297 mm.

  • Front: Formula Tech USD Spring Fork, stiff 39 mm stanchion tube with lightweight race-inspired internals give precise feel. Completely tunable fork compression and rebound adjustments to fit your needs. Travel: 270 mm.

  • Öhlins / WP XACT PRO kit

  • Rear: Öhlins S46, provides optimal function & dynamics with rebound adjuster, wide low-speed compression adjustments, 3-click high-speed adjustment, full maintenance, and progressive damping stroke end. Travel: 297 mm.

  • Front: WP XACT PRO 7543, featuring advanced WP tech & CLOSED CARTRIDGE system, offers direct feedback, adjustable damping, & WP CONE VALVE Tech for improved performance, comfort, & safety. Pro-motorsport materials ensure low maintenance. Travel: 278 mm.

  • WP XACT PRO kit

  • Rear: WP XACT PRO 8946 Shock, pro motorsport tech for motocross riders, elevating performance with SUPERTRAX & PROGRESSIVE DAMPING SYSTEM for improved grip, handling, and predictability. Travel: 279 mm.

  • Front: WP XACT PRO 7543 Spring Fork, featuring advanced WP tech & CLOSED CARTRIDGE system, offers direct feedback, adjustable damping, & WP CONE VALVE Tech for improved performance, comfort, & safety. Pro-motorsport materials ensure low maintenance. Travel: 278 mm.

Ride modes

  • Ride modes

    Three fully configurable ride modes in the CAKE connect app.

  • Advanced bike settings (optional)

    Adjust power, throttle sensitivity and traction control to perfection. Upgrade in the CAKE connect app for an additional cost.

Brake modes

  • Freewheel

    No motor brake applies.

  • Intermediate

    Intermediate motor brake with energy regeneration.

  • Strong

    Strong motor brake with energy regeneration.


  • Capacity

    40Ah / 2.9kWh*

  • Cells

    Premium 21700 lithium cells.

  • Features

    Easily removable with toolless hot swap, can be charged when installed in bike or separately. Integrated led SoC (state of charge) indicator. For safety the battery turns off when removed from bike. CAN communication between charger and battery, and between controller and battery. IP67 classification for reliable performance regarding of condition.

  • Voltage (nominal)



  • Disc front

    Stainless steel, 240 mm diameter, 3 mm thickness.

  • Disc rear

    Stainless steel, 220 mm diameter, 3 mm thickness.

  • Type

    Formula motorcycle disc brakes, four piston calipers, alloy levers. Hand lever for front- and rear brake.


  • 0-100%

    2 ¾ hours

  • 0-80%

    1 hour 55 minutes

  • Type

    External battery charger for standard outlets: 1200W 72V 220V AC.


  • Features

    High power density and advanced motor control algorithms.


  • Features

    TFT display with battery SoC, speedometer, ride mode selection and telltales.


  • Fork angle


  • Ground clearance

    350 mm

  • Height to handle

    1135 mm

  • Lenght

    2010 mm

  • Offset

    20 mm in triple clamps, 25 mm in forks.

  • Seat height

    965 mm

  • Trail

    100 mm

  • Wheel base

    1360 mm

  • Width

    814 mm


  • Chain

    420 chain with O-ring.

  • Front sprocket

    12 teeth, rubberised to decrease sound.

  • Electric motor

    CAKE Jante Interior permanent magnet motor with IP67 classification (dust & waterproof) and double wheel bearing design for durability. IPM design to minimize amount of rare earth metals and increased performance and efficiency.

  • Rear sprocket

    72 teeth


  • Build

    6061 aluminum, extruded, forged, machined, welded and painted.


  • Interface

    31.8 mm

  • Material

    Aerospace grade 7050 aluminium.

  • Rise

    20 mm

  • Width

    810 mm


  • Trail/Enduro riding

    up to 3 hours*

  • Mixed enduro riding

    up to 70 km*


  • Battery

    20 kg

  • Dry

    69-75 kg

  • Max. permittable load

    198.5 kg (bike + battery + rider)

Wheels & Tires

  • Hubs

    Forged and CNC aluminium CAKE hubs.

  • Rims

    Front, 19 x 1.40" aluminium mx rims. Rear, 18 x1.85" aluminium mx rims.

  • Tires

    Front, 2.75-19" mx tires. Rear, 3.00-18" mx tires.

  • *Disclaimer

    The street legal bikes are homologated for the specific country the bike is delivered too. That means that lights, blinkers and other "street legal necessities" might differ in look, style and dimensions, everything to meet the local regulations. Accordingly, details might look different from the product photo. • Images show fully specced vehicles. • The specs, such as range, speed and power are not estimated by CAKE. The numbers are the result from the European homologation test, WMTC-II. (performed in a controlled environment and might differ from regular use) • The weight of the bike differs depending on the chosen configuration. • Peak power is the maximum power the power supply can sustain for a short time. • Acceleration figures provided may vary depending on various factors, such as rider weight, road conditions, and individual model differences. • The actual energy storage capabilities of the battery can vary from the nominal rated capacity. • Torque values based on motor specifications. • Charging time may differ depending on the voltage in the local grid. • All specifications are subject to change without notice. • It is the buyer’s/owner’s responsibility to ensure all local rules, regulations, classifications and license requirements are followed.